Advance Past The Level Cap In The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online and Bethesda released a brand new round of community questions this week focusing on a variety of topics from armor models to PvP and post level cap advancement for The Elder Scrolls Online. The “Ask Us Anything” column gives the Elder Scrolls community the opportunity to pitch their questions to the developers of the highly anticipated MMORPG game and this week saw the reveal of some truly exciting information.

Many players pitched their concerns regarding the similarities in armor and weapon models used previous Elder Scrolls games but the developers have promised a huge variety. Racial alignment, level of the item and the materials used to create it will all influence the visual style of the weapons and armor featured in The Elder Scrolls Online; making for quite an impressive variety considering the 9 available races at launch.

This weeks Q&A also revealed some exciting new information on Veteran Points (VP). Most MMORPG games offer very little in regards to actual character progression once reaching end-game but The Elder Scrolls Online’s Veteran Points will give players the opportunity to continue to improve their characters base stats past that of those featured at level 50.

For more information you can visit the official blog post here.

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