Space Combat Confirmed For Star Wars: The Old Republic

During the PAX Community Cantina event last month Bioware released a teaser trailer that led many to believe space combat was on the way. The official website was updated late last night with a brand new highlight video for the upcoming expansion, Galactic Starfighter.

Players will finally have the opportunity to engage in the famous space combat seen throughout the Star Wars franchise. Up to 24 players can fight it out in intense dogfights complete with iconic sound effects and explosions (pew, pew, my laser sound effect…).

Free-to-play players will be able to explore the content in the free expansion on February 4th 2014 however early access will be granted to subscribers, complete with additional in-game rewards, on December 3rd.

It appears large-scale space combat is in a galaxy not so far away after-all. For more information on the subscriber rewards and preferred early-access click here. Check out the video below:

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