Aeria Games Reveal Huge Roster Of Catchable Creatures In Dragomon Hunter

Aeria Games today released an exciting new trailer for the upcoming anime themed monster-hunter style MMO, Dragomon Hunter, showcasing a few of the 100+ monsters players can battle, harvest and mount. The team previously released details on some of the Dragomon Hunter classes but today is the first opportunity to feast your eyes on the hugely impressive roster of crazy monsters you can expect to encounter.

Over 100 monsters to track down and kill, a massive environment to explore and the option of taming monsters you defeat to use as mounts – Dragomon Hunter will appeal to all walks of MMO players. The game is scheduled to launch in English & French languages in North America and Europe this fall. Interested players can sign up for the beta on the official website.

Dragomon Hunter - Dragomon Showcase

Source: Press Release

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