Twin Saga Enters Beta For Founder’s Members

Twin Saga

Aeria Games today announced that the Closed Beta for Twin Saga is officially underway as members of the Founder’s program were sent invitations today alongside a brand new producer’s letter. Access is currently only available to those that have purchased a Twin Saga’s Founder’s Pack on the official website but it is possible that developers … Read more

Dragomon Hunter Celebrates Impressive Community Milestone

Dragomon Hunter

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride for Aeria Games’ recent Monster Hunter style free-to-play MMORPG game, Dragomon Hunter, as today the team announced the reaching of an impressive milestone as over 500,000 have registered their interest and tried their hands at taming the endless challenges the game has to offer. Those half a million … Read more

Dragomon Hunter Founder’s Packs Giveaway

We have 10 Founder’s Packs to give away to our fans in this video giveaway.

To win: Make sure you are subscribed to the channel and comment below telling us why you should win.

Winners will be chosen Friday 10/30

Play Dragomon Hunter:

*You must have an Aeria ID in order to win, you’ll tell me your Aeria name and we will get the founders packs on your account.

Dragomon Hunter Beta Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Dragomon Hunter is an upcoming free-to-play, monster-hunting, anime-style MMORPG that pits players and their friends against fearsome and fantastical creatures. With more than 100 monsters to track down, a huge world to traverse, and the ability to turn any defeated monster into a mount, Dragomon Hunter will appeal to the adventurer in everyone.

Join us as we take a look at the first 20 or so minutes of the game and find out for yourself if this is a game you’d like to partake in or not!  Link is below if you’d like to sign up and play now!
Play Dragomon Hunter Free!~


Legendary Japanese Voice Over Artists Featured In Dragomon Hunter

Aeria Games are excited to announce that some of the biggest names from Japanese anime will be making an appearance in the upcoming release of Dragomon Hunter as some of the biggest names in voice-overs lend their talents to the monster-hunting free-to-play MMO. Dragomon Hunter is expected to launch in Closed Beta on October 15th … Read more

Aeria Games Confirm Long-Term Future For Western Echo Of Soul

Echo Of Soul News

The community team at Aeria Games today released a statement reassuring the Echo of Soul community after concerns were raised when the Chinese and Korean versions of the game closed last week. According to the details released last week the Korean and Chinese versions of the game were closing due to lack of content and … Read more

Aeria Games Reveal Huge Roster Of Catchable Creatures In Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter

Aeria Games today released an exciting new trailer for the upcoming anime themed monster-hunter style MMO, Dragomon Hunter, showcasing a few of the 100+ monsters players can battle, harvest and mount. The team previously released details on some of the Dragomon Hunter classes but today is the first opportunity to feast your eyes on the … Read more

Alliance Of Valiant Arms Debuts Last Man Standing Mode

Alliance Of Valiant Arms

Aeria Games today announced the debut of an exciting new game mode in its leading free-to-play MMOFPS game, Alliance of Valiant Arms, as the community welcomes the release of the new survival mode, Last Man Standing. Players can now form matches of up to 32 players from around the world, each with the single goal … Read more

New Monster Hunting MMO From Aeria Games On The Way

Dragomon Hunter

Award-winning developers Aeria Games today announced the upcoming addition to their arsenal of free-to-play MMO games with the monster hunter, anime-styled Dragomon Hunter. Players and their friends will find a fantastical world of opportunity and adventure as they explore an environment with over 100 unique monsters to capture, a massive game world, and a deep … Read more

Echo Of Soul Open Beta Underway

Echo Of Soul 1280x720

Aeria Games recently announced the beginning of the Open Beta testing period for the upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Echo of Soul. The Open Beta follows a successful stint in Closed Beta which saw participants spend 860,000 hours in-game collectively, clearing almost half a million dungeons and finishing 21 million quests. Beginning today interested players can … Read more

Huge Assortment Of PvE Content On Display In Echo Of Soul

Echo Of Soul 1280x720

Aeria Games, one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play online MMORPG games, today revealed new details on the huge array of PvE content on display in the upcoming fantasy MMO, Echo of Soul. The developers hope to attract players with meaningful, sophisticated multiplayer content surrounding PvE with diverse environments, dynamic boss battles and challenging … Read more

Aeria Games Unveil Echo Of Soul Class Lineup

Echo Of Soul 1280x720

Aeria Games, the driving force behind the upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game Echo of Soul, today lifted the veil on 5 main character classes that will be available when the game launches Spring 2015. The team have updated the games dynamic website with in-depth descriptions of each of the revealed classes alongside some impressive character … Read more

Chaos Heroes Online Makes Its Steam Debut

The latest addition to the increasingly popular MOBA genre sees popular competitive Korean MMO hit Western shores through Steam with the release of Chaos Heroes Online. Developed by a highly experienced team of Korean developers, Chaos Heroes Online is the combined efforts of over a decades worth of experience working within the MOBA genre, delivering … Read more