Aeria Games Unveils Aeria Mobile with Stellar Inaugural Lineup

SANTA CLARA, Calif.  ? March 2,  2012 ? Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, revealed today its new mobile division, Aeria Mobile, focusing on the multiplayer core gaming segment of the mobile gaming market. The formation of Aeria Mobile further positions Aeria Games as a fast growing, multi-platform game publisher and leverages  Aeria Games? close relationships with global game developers, as the company plans an aggressive launch schedule of 1-2 new games per month moving forward. The inaugural lineup of free-to-play mobile and tablet titles includes Eden Eternal: Monster Arena, the first-ever mobile version of the highly successful and critically acclaimed anime MMORPG franchise Eden Eternal from Aeria Games, the turn-based MMO tank combat game Tuff Tanks, and a brand new turn-based military strategy game, Armygeddon.

?Our new Aeria Mobile division allows the 35 million core players that love our games to extend their multiplayer online experience onto mobile devices,? said Lan Hoang, CEO of Aeria Games. ?We will bring the Aeria Games experience to both new players and existing fans in the fast-growing but underserved mobile core gaming arena.?

The first three titles from Aeria Mobile include the following games:

?  Eden Eternal: Monster Arena: Drawn from the popular universe of online MMORPG Eden Eternal from Aeria Games,Monster Arena is a new experience created exclusively for the mobile platform. The game brings the beloved anime-style gameplay of the popular franchise to an innovative accelerometer-based shooter RPG. Players will prepare their hero with unique weapons, memorize tide-turner spells, capture powerful monsters, and battle through quests or player vs. player combat (PvP) in lush, vivid, and colorful landscapes straight from Eden Eternal.

?  Tuff Tanks: In this turn-based artillery shooter set in a colorful world of monsters and tanks, players can test their combat skills by playing solo or battling with up to seven friends in both cooperative and competitive arenas. Accessible yet nuanced touchscreen controls will reward player ability as players fight head-to-head to compete on the global leaderboards. Players will complete missions to gain rewards, customize their tank and avatar, engage in boss battles, and exchange fire with their friends as they boost their arsenal.

?  Armygeddon: Developed by Aeria Mobile, Armygeddon is a turn-based military strategy game set in a near-future setting that features episodic single-player content and asynchronous multiplayer combat. Players will level up Heroes to lead their army, hone their squad tactics through PvP, compete in weekly contests, and above all else, engage in exciting turn-based gameplay where unit selection, deployment, and strategy are the keys to victory.

Aeria Games is known for its expertise in delivering high quality freemium experiences to ?power gamers? ? those who love high quality online game experiences and invest significant time playing. Founded in 2006, Aeria Games publishes highly successful free-to-play titles that provide deep, immersive multiplayer experiences with active community support. This focus on titles for mid- and hard-core gamers will carry over to Aeria Mobile games.

The Aeria Mobile division is located in Santa Clara and will launch initially with 25 employees. This number is expected to grow rapidly as the organization scales up for both internal development and new title acquisition through strategic global partnerships.

More details on the Aeria Mobile portfolio will be shared in coming weeks. For more information, visit and our Facebook page at

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