Aeternia Online Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Aeternia Online is the latest MMO title to ask for funding support from the Kickstarter community but do we really need another sandbox in development? As normal the Kickstarter page features some basic information about the game and although the features are exciting at first glance, they do feel very similar to other recent Kickstarter projects.

The developers hope to deliver a dynamic sandbox experience with an exciting array of features centered around the individual player. Some of the features that may appeal to the sandbox audience include open world PvP (one that actually offers a risk vs. reward mechanic), the ability to construct player housing and cities, and a crafting system that gives players the tools to create the most powerful items available in the game – as opposed to looting them from enemies or as a reward from quests.

Aeternia Online replaces the traditional class-based progression system with a feature similar to The Elder Scrolls games, rewarding players with improved skills and abilities through usage.

The Kickstarter page is a little empty compared to many others in the same field and the lack of stretch goals or detailed mechanics information could be its downfall. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen recently failed to meet the mark and that was with the backing of Brad McQuaid and the popular EverQuest franchise. Do you think Aeternia Online will meet its $25,000 goal?

For more information you can visit the official website and check the Kickstarter at the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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