League of Legends: Top Played Champions February 2014

January’s top played League of Legends saw Jinx claim the crown yet again but will the Loose Cannon be able to fight off the competition for a second month running?

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Thresh

The Chain Warden failed to make any real impression on our lists throughout 2013 but he started this year strong with his highest finish since we began our lists. Sadly however Thresh was unable to maintain his 6th place finish from January, almost disappearing from sight completely as he sits in 10th place for this month. Despite the disappointment things aren’t looking all that bad for Thresh as he enjoyed a 52% victory rate in February, making an appearance in 22.1% of matches.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - KhaZix

The Voidreaver makes his second appearance in the top 10 this year maintaining his January finish of 9th place. Kha’Zix had an incredible start to February, picked in as many as 41% of all matches in Summoner’s Rift. Sadly the popularity was shorted live as Kha’Zix found himself slowly dropping down the rankings as February continued, finally resting on an average appearance rate of around 13%.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Master Yi

Master Yi enjoyed a successful campaign in 2013 but has yet to match his peak in 2014 as once again he struggles to maintain a spot in our top 10 resting in a lowly 8th place finish for the second consecutive month. It’s unlikely Master Yi will ever return to the form he saw with the “New Yi” fiasco last year, in which he scored a 1st place finish by a quarter of a million matches, but it’s safe to say we can expect to see him make a regular appearance throughout 2014.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank was all but absent during our lists in 2013 as he struggled to maintain any higher rankings throughout the year. The Steam Golem started 2014 ready to brawl as his first appearance of the year saw him secure 4th place. However the popularity fall is all too familiar for the mechanized destroyer as once again he struggles to remain popular among the League of Legends community.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Leona

Leona had a slow start to 2014 but it was still a hell of a lot faster than 2013 where she failed to make any real impact at all. February sees The Radiant Dawn make her debut appearance for this year, claiming a respectable 6th place finish. A spike in popularity during the middle of the month saw Leona appear in 40% of matches while maintaining a strong 53% victory rate.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Jinx

Jinx entered the League of Legends community as one of the most popular Champion releases since records began and despite a surprising drop in December she pulled through and took the 1st place finish at the start of 2014. That random drop in popularity seems may be a little less random than we thought as once again The Loose Cannon drops several places down to rank 5.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Ashe

The second of our debut Champions for February 2014 sees the unexpected appearance of Ashe as she sneaks ahead of Jinx with a tiny 1000 match lead. Ashe enjoyed regular features throughout 2013 but despite claiming the top spot as her first appearance last year she’s since failed to make an impression on the League of Legends community. It’s unlikely that a Champion so old and so easily played will make any big impact this year but we’re sure we’ll be seeing her from time to time.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Teemo

Can I just skip this one? I’m really sick of writing about Teemo. Unlike many of the other Champions featured this month Teemo didn’t see any random surges in popularity in February, instead he enjoyed consistency, achieving a 23% selection rate almost every day. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why The Swift Scout remains so popular in the League community but that doesn’t stop me hoping that one day he’ll just disappear into a dark chasm of death and despair.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Yasuo

The Unforgiven Champion wasn’t released into the League of Legends community until December of 2013 but things are looking good for Yasuo as he appears for a second time in 2014. Rising 5 places from his January finish the deadly swordsman finds himself just a few thousands matches short of pole position for this month. He’s not quite on par to match the popularity of Jinx at release but it’s an impressive start nonetheless.

Top Played Champions - February 2014 - Lee Sin

One of the most popular Champions throughout 2013 continues his dominance into a new year with Lee See claiming top spot for February 2014. The incredible popularity surge following Jinx’s release kept Lee Sin from claiming 1st place the last few months but February could be the turning point for the Blind Monk as once again he takes the grand prize.

The debut of two new Champions, a sudden drop in the previously unstoppable popularity surge of Jinx and a return to the top for Lee Sin. Plenty of surprises in February but be sure to check back next month for the latest on the top played League of Legends Champions.

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