Age Of Wushu l Closed Beta Review

The long excited wait for E3’s winner of “Most Anticipated Project” has finally made it’s way to closed beta. That project is Snail Game’s, Age Of Wushu! The Age of Wushu RPG experience is an adventure like no other. There are
no classes or levels, you hone your skills in various ways and can
easily become immersed in the breath-taking living game environment.
[heading]Skills and Weapons:[/heading]

You are born into a rich martial arts culture where you can choose your own path to becoming a master. You can join one of eight sects, each with their own philosophy, orientation and specialist kung-fu discipline, fighting style and weaponry. Here you learn and practice your skills, however like a true scholar, you can travel and learn skills from other sects to gain more abilities and become an even more experienced master! Whether your preferred weapon is a shining blade, double daggers, a stick, simply your fists, or you opt for hidden darts to eliminate your enemies from the shadows? There is a myriad of ways to battle it out in this immerse online experience. Fights are not won by monotonously pushing buttons ? they are built around a rock-paper-scissors system, so you will have to watch your opponents and anticipate their moves, leading to very dynamic encounters.

[heading]Guilds:[/heading]The first thing you should do in a world where the strong survive, find some friends to band together? how about forming a guild? Guilds can purchase a guild castle and expand it as they grow their influence. The guild castles are part of the open world and can be visited by all. But as there are only a limited number of these castles available, other guilds may try to conquer yours and challenge you to a battle. These guild battles can see 200 to 250 members on each side, making them truly epic events. The system prevents moonshine raids so no need to stay up all night for defence!


You can take up one of 17 professions, which range from the more common blacksmith or hunter to truly original ones, like painter, beggar, musician, or chess player. Each of these professions brings its own benefits ? an experienced chess player may benefit his group in a fight with his acquired tactical skills. The opportunities are endless!

[heading]Offline System:[/heading]It doesn?t all end when you log out of this RPG either. Your character
remains in the world and will continue training skills, selling items or
producing goods, effectively becoming an NPC to everyone else on the
server. Other players can interact with him or her, and can even abduct
you to sell you on for their own profit! This isn?t just online gaming,
it?s true role-playing.

[heading]Kung-Fu PVP:[/heading]

The first thing I had to do as soon as I got adjusted to the world, fight the nearest marital artist! In Age Of Wushu, a fight can break out anywhere at anytime. Fights between 2, 4 or 6 players result in a more tactical approach,
where you can utilise your skills to your full advantage ? either by
battling it out on the water?s surface, or by fleeing over the rooftops
to avoid certain defeat under the hands of stronger or more numerous
opposition. If you enjoy cooperative play against a common enemy, a
range of quests and instances present you with challenges on many
different levels of difficulty.

[heading]Final Thoughts:[/heading]

It is no surprise international action star Jet Li signed a two-year contract to promote
Age of Wushu. As the new face of the martial arts MMOs, Li stated “Age
of Wushu captures the spirit of wushu and will leave all with a better
understanding in the art.” Li went on to state how the game ” embodies
the feel from such movies as Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon and Hero.”

This is definitely a game that sets an all time high for martial arts games, and can only grow when the full game is released!

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