Ah Muzen Cab SMITE Patch Notes

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

HiRezBart of Hi-Rez Studios has offered SMITE players a sneak preview of today’s upcoming patch notes as Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees, invades the SMITE battlefield. The latest God joins SMITE in the new Hunter role with a DoT passive ability and a rather impressive selection of skills to support his potential in solo lanes.

Arguably his most exciting ability is Hives, a unique skill that allows Ah Muzen Cab to place Hives on the map, gaining increased attack, movement speed and healing. But best of all, he can place up to 8 Hives at a time. We’re sure to see players stacking Hives around Mid Tower to ensure their victory.

Asgard, the map used for Assault Mode, has also undergone an impressive artistic overhaul, bringing it up to par with the current Conquest and Joust maps. As is the trend with SMITE patches there’s also a host of ability tweaks, changes to items and some new voice packs and Gold Skins. For the full patch notes click here.


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