AION Free-to-Play: Update 3.0

The long-awaited release of Update 3.0, the most extensive expansion since AION?s release, is imminent. On August 15th, players will be able to use two brand new areas and countless new features such as mounts and the housing system.

Sarpan and Tiamaranta
Two new areas ? Sarpan and Tiamaranta ? offer PvE as well as PvP fans countless exciting challenges. Single and multiplayer instances, fortress battles, colossal boss monsters, numerous new items and a level cap increased to level 60 will keep drawing you back into the wonderful world of Atreia.

Fast Mounts & Well-Tended Gardens 
Aside from using their wings, Daevas can now additionally use mounts to increase their movement speed and to reach their destination more quickly. And after a nerve-wracking day of adventure, they can return to their own home, which can be decorated and customised to their heart?s content. Furniture can be produced with the new furniture handicrafting skill. The change of the seasons bestows ever-changing, breath-taking panoramas on the housing area.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this update is only for Europe.  Coming to U.S. soon?  We’ll let you know!

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