Aion Set To Debut On Steam

Steam players will soon have the opportunity to dive into the expansive fantasy world of Aion as NCSoft prepare for the October 29th release on Valve’s leading digital distribution platform. The client will be made available on Steam for both new and existing players, along with the flurry of traditional content tied to Steam’s top … Read more

AION Welcomes Wind Of Fate Update


Gameforge today released details on Version 4.8 Wind of Fate, the next exciting installment in the ever evolving experience of the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game, AION. The update is now available across all European iterations of the game, allowing players to experience first-hand the drastic changes that have impacted the world of Atreia. AION [Update … Read more

NCSoft Chasing 18+ Rating For Aion

Aion News

According to a new post on MMOSite developers NCSoft today submitted their second application to the Korean Game Management Committee with the intention of raising Aion’s content rating to an adult only level. NCSoft made a similar application to become an 18+ adult rated game on October 6th but never received approval by the committee. … Read more



Aion is a converted free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG from NCSoft set in the gorgeous world of Atreia. Home to the brave Asmodians and radiant Elyos, these two factions have turned on each other after an epic cataclysm divided their peoples. You must not only defend your kin from opposing factions, but also rid the world of an abyssal evil that promises to turn your world to rubble.

The game has a truly immersive environment, where players can fly through breathtaking scenery and explore a wonderfully diverse planet. With thousands of quests available and plenty of instanced dungeons, you may chose to dedicate your time to help the residents of Atreia, challenge yourself against the story line, or increase your skills in the profession of your choice. Also, challenge other players in PvPvE within the Abyss and Balaurea where the winning sides earn taxes and special items.

So strap on your wings and get ready to soar through the awe that is Aion. You’re in for a treat!

Aion, SOE Live and Infinite Crisis! – The Daily XP July 31st

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Aion Reveals Player Created Weapons | [timer]31[/timer]
SOE Live Sells Out Tickets In Record Time | [timer]62[/timer]
Infinite Crisis Coming To ESL At Gamescom | [timer]103[/timer]

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AION Free-to-Play: Update 3.0

The long-awaited release of Update 3.0, the most extensive expansion since AION?s release, is imminent. On August 15th, players will be able to use two brand new areas and countless new features such as mounts and the housing system. Sarpan and Tiamaranta Two new areas ? Sarpan and Tiamaranta ? offer PvE as well as PvP fans countless exciting challenges. Single and multiplayer instances, fortress battles, colossal boss monsters, numerous new items and a level cap increased to level 60 will keep drawing you back into the wonderful world of Atreia.