Albion Online Alpha Trailer Released

Sandbox Interactive today unveiled the latest alpha teaser video for the upcoming sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. Reinforcing the games massively customizable approach to character development, the latest trailer showcases the different elements that come into play when changing a characters outfit. For those slightly less courageous PvP players that purposely avoid attacking those that appear to own stronger equipment, Albion Online is going to be a pretty harsh wake up call. Forget aiming for those that seem weaker based on appearance, forget getting advanced information on a characters combat abilities based on visual cues, Albion Online embraces many elements that most PvP titles avoid due to difficult implementation.

“Players will quickly need to learn that they cannot
judge a player’s capabilities solely by what they’re
wearing now,” said Yasmine, the Sandbox Interactive Community
Manager.  “Because
equipment dictates what a player is capable of, assuming someone
wearing simple farming gear is not a powerful player can be, as the
video shows, quite a costly mistake!”

Check out the video below and you’ll quickly understand the potential benefits of this interesting feature:

The alpha testing for Albion Online is scheduled to begin March 24th on PC with further platforms to feature later down the line. Eventually the game will be available on Windows, iOS and Android, with all platforms enjoying the exact same features and mechanics.

Source: Press Release

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