Albion Online Enters Final Beta Event

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Sandbox Interactive are rapidly approaching the release of their sandbox MMORPG game, Albion Online, as today the team announced that the Final Beta event is now underway and players are exploring the King’s and Queen’s Isles for the last time prior to official release. The Final Beta event brings with it an exciting array of … Read more

Albion Online Team Highlight New Map Changes

Sandbox Interactive recently announced their plans for a huge update for Albion Online, including new dungeons, bosses and a brand new world map. Today the team expanded on the information regarding changes to the world map including the introduction of an entirely new concept. The new world map will be released before the final Closed … Read more

New Dungeons, Bosses And More In Albion Online Update, Cador

Sandbox Interactive today announced that the next installment of new content for the medieval sandbox MMORPG Albion Online is now available to download as the Cador update introduces brand new PvE content including Heretics-themed dungeons, deadly new boss battles and a reworked and improved armor and spells system. Also in the update is improved mob … Read more

Sandbox Interactive Outline Post CBT Plans For Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive today published a new post on the Albion Online website informing players of current and future plans via a state of the game letter to the community. The team have learned many lessons from the previous two months worth of Closed Beta testing and will use those lessons alongside tons of player feedback … Read more

Albion Online Celebrates 60,000 Backer Milestone

Albion By The Numbers

Sandbox Interactive today shared some exciting figures surrounding their upcoming sandbox MMORPG game, Albion Online, informing fans that the project has surpassed the impressive milestone of 60,000 backers helping to financially support the game in the build-up to launch. In addition the team also released a new infographic detailing some of the milestones the game … Read more

Aurelius Arrives As First Content Update For Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive today sent out word that the first highly anticipated content update for Albion Online, Aurelius, just recently hit the live servers introducing a variety of Quality of Life improvements alongside brand new dungeons, awesome new spells and much, much more. Regular players will be happy to see a huge array of user interface … Read more

Big Changes To Albion Online Ahead Of Upcoming Closed Beta

Albion Online News

Sandbox Interactive previously announced a Closed Beta testing event for Albion Online scheduled to take place on November 23rd, and today they announced a list of significant changes that players will experience by the next Closed Beta event. Due to its entirely player-driven economy the consumables system within Albion Online is critical to the games … Read more

Albion Online On The Road To Closed Beta

Albion Online News

Sandbox Interactive today published a brand new state of the game letter for October, introducing fans of Albion Online to what the developers have been working on, including the arrival of the highly anticipated Closed Beta testing event scheduled to take place at the end of this month. Fans from around the world will be … Read more

Albion Online – Paving The Way To Closed Beta

Albion Online News

Hot on the heels of Albion Online‘s recently closed Summer Alpha event comes an exciting announcement from developers Sandbox Interactive as the team announce the road to the official Closed Beta event with the revealing of a new developer road map. The developers just recently ended a Summer Alpha event for the highly anticipated sandbox … Read more

Albion Online Closed Beta Roadmap Revealed

Albion Online News

Sandbox Interactive today posted an update on the official Albion Online website, thanking the community for their valuable feedback and suggestions during the Alpha phase and introducing the path ahead via a Closed Beta roadmap update. The official Summer Alpha event came to a close today and following feedback received during the event the developers … Read more

Summer Testing Window Detailed For Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive today revealed the plans for the next official testing window this Summer as once again the world of Albion Online opens its doors to avid PvP players from around the world. Next week, week commencing June 29th, Albion Online’s ports open once again for both seasoned and first time explorers of this exciting … Read more

Xsyon MMORPG Event Season Kicks Off Today

Following its recent release on Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, Xsyon and the community of players that enjoy it are celebrating the impending launch of the highly anticipated Treasure Hunt event. Beginning this weekend players will have the opportunity to search the world of Xyson for hidden treasures of ancient myth and legend as they … Read more

Community Inspires Huge List Of Changes For Albion Online

Albion Online News

As pre-release testing phases become more about marketing and hype than testing one developer stands above the rest as Sandbox Interactive today released a massive list of upcoming changes based purely on the feedback and reports from the Albion Online community. In the coming months the team at Sandbox Interactive have planned a list of … Read more

Star Trek Alien Domain, Albion Online Alpha, SMITE and more! | The XP SEP 12th

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