Albion Online – Paving The Way To Closed Beta

Hot on the heels of Albion Online‘s recently closed Summer Alpha event comes an exciting announcement from developers Sandbox Interactive as the team announce the road to the official Closed Beta event with the revealing of a new developer road map. The developers just recently ended a Summer Alpha event for the highly anticipated sandbox MMO, following 4 weeks of player participation and extensive feedback from the community.

The new road map informs the community of the current development priority put forward by Sandbox Interactive. We’ve highlighted some of the more noteworthy aspects of the new developer road map below:


  • Silver tax will be removed from the game entirely
  • The current Learning Points system will be reworked to offer more depth and flexibility
  • New Open World PvP events planned
  • Expansions to the current Hellgate features that will see 1v1 and 5v5v5 options
  • Better Guild Management tools and additional informational logs
  • More varieties of gear and item types to cater to the 19 different combat styles
  • A more balanced approach to PvP with adjustments to the gear progression curve


Source: Press Release

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