Albion Online Team Highlight New Map Changes

Sandbox Interactive recently announced their plans for a huge update for Albion Online, including new dungeons, bosses and a brand new world map. Today the team expanded on the information regarding changes to the world map including the introduction of an entirely new concept.

The new world map will be released before the final Closed Beta phase begins sometime next month. The previous East and West continent divides will be replaced in favor of new land in the form of two Royal Islands alongside the entire continent known as The Outlands. The new Royal Islands will be two different areas, the King’s Isle and the Queen’s Isle, that house resources up to Tier 7 and include Green, Yellow and Red Zones. Every player will begin their journey on one of these two islands.

From there players will progress to The Outlands, a challenging new continent that is designed to to provide more room and exploration opportunities for guilds and hardcore PvP players. The Outlands consists of entirely Black Zones and will include resources up to Tier 8. No law enforcement rules are in place and players are free to wage war however they see fit.

Source: Official Website

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