Albion Online

Albion Online is a free sandbox MMO by Sandbox Interactive. The game is set in a cartooned medieval world with sandbox style gameplay, territorial warfare, and a core emphasis on player freedom. Join forces with other players to raise villages, gather minerals, craft weapons and equipment, and whoop some opposing guild booty. Defend your village from rival kingdoms or test your united might by raiding opposing towns.

This is a multiplayer so cooperation is key, but it doesn’t hinder your freedom. Establish your city’s economy by finding work as a trader, craftsman, or even as a mercenary! Forge your own destiny and help your village along the way. Build everything from saw mills and workshops to forges and academies, and over 50 different types of structures.

Albion online offers a no-level-up character system. Your abilities are determined by the 6-8 pieces of gear you wear. This allows for an exciting combination of abilities tailored to fit your play-style. Risk averse players beware, being killed by an opponent gives him or her the right to loot your sorry bones.

For being in alpha level testing, Albion Online shows exciting promise. Its cross-compatibility allows you to play Albion wherever, whenever; and its sandbox style gives you the freedom to play any way you desire. Will you live like a King?

3 thoughts on “Albion Online”

  1. This is simply an amazing game. The graphics are simple but not too boring. Albion Online has a bountiful of content already even though it is still in its Alpha Stages. The game has so much variety in terms of PvE and PvE it is hard to describe because it is simple amazing. At first I disliked the game, but my mate bought me a founders pack for the Winter Alpha Test and my god i have a mini orgasm. Trust me you will not regret playing this game… ESPECIALLY This SUMMER June 2015. There is A HUGE UPDATE COMING! What are you waiting for? Why are you missing out? Get the game and join everybody else; prepare yourself. estimated is June 29th 2015 :)!! Get hyped

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