Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom is a location-based MMORPG for your mobile device that uses your location in the real world as its backdrop. What that means is that it uses your phone’s GPS and map to show you flags and unclaimed areas around you. The game has won many awards during its time, including Best MMO App, Most Creative Use of iPhone Hardware and Best Use of Location Services.

Parallel Kingdom has many different styles that you can use to play. Whether you are more into PvE or PvP content, or maybe you want to be a merchant or a socialite, whatever your style, you can find something to do in the game. The world features a diverse range of NPCs to interactive with, some helpful, some passive and other aggressive. You can take part in PvP by dueling one another, or stealing from other players. You can also lay claim to resources and build Kingdoms and Flags. All in all, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in Parallel Kingdom.

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