Alfheim Tales Online Open Beta Incoming

Ray Media Group today announced that the open beta for the anime inspired MMORPG, Alfheim Tales Online, will begin on December 11th. The micro-client browser MMO hopes to deliver an action packed gameplay experience with a heavy anime backdrop and a variety of intriguing MMO styled features.

Alfheim Tales Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game that boasts an interesting duel class system and access to a variety of diverse and powerful pets. Alfheim Tales Online also features the controversial auto-combat feature that allows players to level and gather loot without inputting a single command.

Set in a fascinating wonderland of sprites with all the mythological
tales serving as the background, the game created a beautiful animated
world by using the latest full 3D visual rendering technology, in which
players get to venture along with their powerful mounts in a stylish
fashion ? lovely costumes, dazzling equipment and weapons, hundreds of
adorable pets of different races and sparkling fireworks!

What do you think? Another lackluster anime MMORPG or something worth getting excited about? For more information you should head to the official website.

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