Destiny Release Date And New Trailer

The 2013 Spike VGX Awards have come to a close and amidst the flood of exciting information comes a new trailer and an official release date for the highly anticipated, Destiny. Rumors suggested that the Destiny closed beta program would begin in February of 2014 and with many retailers accepting pre-orders as early as August, many fans the believed that we could have seen a Destiny release as early as mid-next year.

However, the official release date is accompanied by an announcement regarding the delay of the closed beta testing; which will still be available first to players on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. Destiny will officially launch on all console platforms on September 17th with the closed beta now expected to start in the Summer of 2014.

It’s sure to disappoint many gamers who purchased the PlayStation 4 with the hopes of experiencing Destiny early next year but Bungie have released a new trailer to remedy that, check it out below:

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