Alliance of Valiant Arms – New Content Coming

Do you speak German? Maybe French? Or perhaps Spanish? Well if so, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Aeria Games is launching a multi-language client to its hit First Person Shooter (FPS) Game, Alliance of Valiant Arms. Along with the multi-language client, they are also launching some exciting new content updates which includes 5 new maps.

Choosing a language is easy, with players able to select their language before launching the game. This change has no effect on players? settings, and regardless of the language chosen, all gamers will still be hosted on the same server, meaning the action remains just as intense, just in time for new content updates.

If language is not your thing, then you’ll be excited about the new maps that are coming to the game. Players must battle against NRF marines in order to secure research data in the E-Space escape map, while teams can fight for victory in the new Radar Demolition map. Gamers can also play as the exclusive new character Marek, taking to the field with the new AK200 rifle, as well as enjoy the new capsule guns and many new surprises in the Web item mall.

These new features come on top of the anti-hacking tool and new clan page announcements made recently by Aeria Games. A.V.A. is always striving to improve game play for its many fans, and of course it will always be free to download and free to play. Keep up to date with the news on and watch the trailers for E-Space and Radar now!

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