Allods Online to Add Overwolf to UI

One of the hardest things about playing an MMO is managing the meta-game ? browsing the web for advice, keeping up with social contacts, and keeping up on in-game news without tabbing out of the actual game interface. Who hasn?t been ganked while browsing an official game wiki or switching up a music playlist?

As of today, Allods Online players can rejoice, for multitasking just got much, much easier. An application called Overwolf is being added to Allods Online?s UI. Overwolf gives players access to the Web, Skype and email while also allowing players to record gameplay videos. Now you can email, message, video chat and browse all without leaving the game.

Integrating these features into the Allods interface will make it easier for you to spend a few hours gaming without overlooking out-of-game obligations, not to mention looking up critical in-game info. Skype is an especially interesting addition ? now your long-distance pals can see the hilarious faces you make while you game.

The new addition to Allods Online should make play and communication much easier for this fantasy MMORPG, from every possible angle. For more details, check out the announcement.

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