Dust 514 Infantry Weapons Shown Off

A new post on the Dust 514 site is showing off some amazing renders of guns in the game, and they look unbelievably beautiful.  Three weapons are shown, first of which is one of the ?light weapon? Gallente G75-VLB Assault Rifle.  The post lists things such as it?s range (55m) and the ammunition type (?charged plasma slug?).  It?s a mag-fed assault rifle, like most in games.

The next is one of the ?heavy weapons?, the Caldari DCMA S-1 Forge Gun.  With a range of 1200m, this solid-state beast shoots kinetic slugs that can peirce armor.  It?s so powerful, it has a shield that diffuses a magnetic barrier to eep the weilder from killing themself!  The las is one of the ?sidearms?, the Amarr CAR-6 Scrambler Pistol.

This little guy is effective at 40m and uses an energy fuel cell for ammo.  The gun ?produces a laser-induced plasma channel capable of dealing short-range pin-point damage to a target.?  From the looks of things, these weapons will be super fun to use.  View the article here and get ready for when Dust 514 hits the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2012!

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