Alpha Testing Underway For Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive announced that they are now allowing a limited number of players early alpha access for the first opportunity to explore the upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. The developers have warned that players will need to act fast as keys are extremely limited. You can register your interest over on the official Albion Online website. The alpha test is expected to last approximately 2 weeks.

To celebrate the launch of the first alpha testing phase Sandbox Interactive announced two special events. First up is the opportunity for guilds to create their own in-game emblem should they prove their dominance during the testing phase. Any guild who controls a castle by the end of the two week event will have the opportunity to see their own emblem design added to the by the Albion Online art team. The guild that ends the test atop the charts of fame will have a similar opportunity. They’ll be able to create an emblem exclusively for their guild, not available for selection by any other players and guilds in the game.

The developers also announced a brand new Twitter account aimed at highlighting various elements of Albion Online during the alpha testing process. Follow the Albion War Report the get the latest happenings in the world of PvP and regular updates for the in-game leadboards and guilds.

Source: Press Release

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