Amazing Spiderman Releases First DLC

Spider-Man fans were finally brought a new piece of gaming fun yesterday. Months after its initial release, The Amazing Spider-Man game has made downloadable content available that involves new features like outfit changes and the ability to play as famous Spider-Man enemies. Best of all, players can now even control the web-slinger?s creator, Stan Lee.

With The Amazing Spider-Man movie being hyped so much over the summer it was only a matter of time before the game adaptation was released. In fact, the games are usually launched before the actual movie release to help improve sales. Many times these games mainly give you a decently extended albeit ?milked? storyline that extends from the movie, sometimes lacking in the gameplay department. Spider-Man finds a way to avoid this flaw.

Even with a somewhat linear storyline to follow, Spider-Man games tend to give players a fun environment to just enjoy the game in. Although not an open world, people find entertainment in being able to just swing from different buildings and test jumping from different heights. After all, most people just want a good and new way to experience their favorite superheroes even if that game lacks in other departments.

Still, a players desire to experience new things in their favorite game is endless. Luckily for Spider-Man owners there were four downloadable packs released yesterday that will change the interface of the game. Each pack brings a different aspect of change with the mostnotable being able to fly around as Stan Lee in a suit rather than Peter Parker in his famous red and blue.

The Stan Lee Adventure Pack changes your normal web-slinger into his renowned creator. The pack not only changes your appearance, but provides fans with unique one-liners from the Marvel chairman as he hops from building to building trying to find pages from his latest script. If you were a big enough fan to pre-order the game you were lucky enough to have Stan as a bonus. A bonus for pre-ordering that supposed to be exclusive later being sold to everyone to make more money for the company: Who would have seen that one coming? Still it?s great that now fans worldwide can enjoy too.

There is also the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack which gives players mini-games from Spidey very own smartphone, controlling a hunter robot or giant snake to complete their tasks. These games will take players temporarily away from the normal 3D battles and storylines to delve into classic arcade fun. It may not be for everyone, but changing up game styles can do wonders for a games stagnant replay value.

The other packs are more centered on controlling a well-known Spidey enemy in a task oriented battle scenario. The first of these packs is The Lizard Rampage, where you gain a new suit for your web-slinging hero or have the ability to play as his main movie enemy, the Lizard. The other enemy pack is the Rhino Challenge Pack, my personal favorite. Here players get to control Rhino in a raging time competition, barreling through obstacles and essentially building combos by destroying everything they can with the leathery larcenist.

The game supports PlayStation move and is playable on basically all consoles including the PC. Each pack is $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points) and can be purchased from the PlayStation store, Xbox Live, and Steam. The packs can be purchased together for $10, saving players a few bucks if they want all the experiences. Downloadable content is usually a personal preference, so it wouldn?t be surprising if many people may pass over this Marvel-ous opportunity. Just make sure to remember that this year is Spider-Man?s 50th anniversary, so Stan Lee will like have something big in store if you help return those brilliant script pages of to their rightful owner.

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