Elsword – Third Phase Of ?Elsword Awakened? Has Been Released

Kill3rCombo has revealed the third and final part of a gameplay revamp for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG, Elsword.

Kill3rCombo will be introduced a revamped version of Gates of Darkness, which is a tower defense-style level where players will team with three others to protect their crystals from a lot of enemies led by a monstrous three-headed skeletal dragon. The Gates of Darkness was only a limited time thing back in Spring but is being re-launched with a lot of significant improvements having been made.

There will be a lot more variety of enemies, an enhanced AI system that will encourage more team play and thinking in terms of strategy, more so for the higher difficulties. Also, item drops will be more plentiful which will allow players to craft gear to a higher level. The Gates of Darkness will be made available on weekends allowing players to try out the dungeon through the Fall and afar.

To recap, during the first two phases of the ?Elsword Awakened?, Kill3rCombo had brought out a complete revamp of six character skill trees which would then provide a more balanced PvP and they also added an improved secret dungeon, with a new, never before seen Velder dungeon.

Also, with the additions to the gameplay revamp, Kill3rCombo is providing a two-weekend event on the dates of September 29th, and 30th and again on October 6th and 7th, where players can upgrade items that are normally capped at +10 to a special +11.

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