Andromeda 5

Andromeda 5 is an innovative cross-platform space MMO 3D game. Play directly through your browser or on your iPad!

Explore the beauty of 20 magnificent galaxies, where you could fight anyone from harmless freelancers, traders and space droids to the deadliest pirates, assassins and battlecruisers!

Choose between 15 different ships, upgrade them and shoose the skin that you like the most. Configure your ship to make it a real space killer.

Complete over 200 different missions and collect great rewards.Team up with other players to complete the hardest ones or just to manage to clean your way through the deadliest aliens.

Train and improve your pilot with over 30 skills and talents, divided in 4 sections.

Crush your opponents in the free for all battles or be a part of a great fleet in the team games!

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