Angel Alliance First Impressions

Angel Alliance, often mis-referred to as Angel’s Alliance, is a brand new F2P browser MMORPG from Kabam. It features turn-based strategy combat set in a point and click fantasy world. Three classes are available to choose from at the start, either the Warrior, the Mage or the Archer.

Warrior: High physical ATK and physical DEF, dealing major damage.
Mage: High magic ATK and magic DEF.
Archer: High hit and CRIT, dealing massive damage from a distance.

Players have the option to chose either male or female for each class but that remains the extent of appearance customization. Even in game, swapping through different armor and weapons options don’t alter your character’s actual sprite in game; they are for stat purposes only.

It should be noted almost immediately that this is not a game that will be to everyone’s liking. Being a browser game, it has its technical limitations and will not offer the most hardcore of experiences. Much of the game can be completed through auto-pathing and minimal clicks and battles play out with zero player interaction. That being said, those who are willing to accept these aspects and are open to a casual experience can typically find something enjoyable, if not somewhat forgettable.

As gameplay tends to be more of a passive, hands-off experience, the brunt of the Angel Alliance experience is going to come from the story and characters themselves. The game tells of the Angel population in an all out war against evil. It’s then up to you, of course, to fight your way through quests and enemies to ensure victory. It’s a lot of text based sequences that I couldn’t really invest in, but the character sprites were diverse and interesting, leaving me wishing I had more time to explore the narrative.

Angel Alliance Screen Shot 1

In terms of controls, you have two options for movement, one being the previously mentioned auto-pathing. To initiate this, simply click on the desired quest from your quest box and your character will automatically go towards your destination. It’s a convenient feature at the beginning when much of the interface is foreign and overwhelming, or for those who are playing passively between multi-tasking other activities. Your other option, which was the preferred style for an explorative gamer like myself, is to point-and-click your character to various points and destinations. The gorgeous painted environments are much larger than what an auto-path will allow you to see, so I like to take the time to see what the virtual world has to offer.

Battles are the aspect of the game that leave a lot to be desired. For a game titled as a turn-based strategy game, there is little-to-no strategy involved. Instead of being an engaging blend of strength and intelligence, the fight ends up playing out as something like a short video for you to sit back and watch. The outcome of each fight is boiled down to nothing more than your Battle Rating, which is a combination mostly of your character’s HP, attack and defense. The player with the higher battle rating will be the winner. This style of “fighting” is becoming something of a trope in this genre, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for better — or at least an option to take control. In addition to your character and team, you can also have an angel fight along side you. With every turn that goes by, your angel’s rage meter increases until it fills and your angel unleashes her rage.

What the game lacks in battle style, it more than makes up for in loot and battle rewards. The amount of experience gained from a fight or quest causes you to level up at an almost laughable rate. With in 20 minutes I had achieved level 20 and had access to much of what the game can offer. I had even accumulated a small fortune of gold which could then be used for item purchases or upgrades. The rewards given for wins and quests, admittedly, seemed silly in their quantity, but it actually feels surprisingly satisfying and keeps the game moving at a brisk pace. For a game that depends on microtransactions to continue operation, I was shocked how much you could actually do without even having to think about purchasing more gold. The option was always there (to purchase gold or sign up for the VIP subscription package), should I have wanted to progress faster than the game already moves you along, but I never felt remotely obligated — a compliment for a F2P game if there ever was one.

Angel Alliance Screen Shot 2

Of course, what would a browser MMORPG be without the other players? I’ve played a handful of browser MMOs in my day, most recently Knight’s Fable, and comparatively, Angel Alliance feels very populated. I found countless players running about, some on mounts, others on quests, with many of them active in chat, willing to help out. It felt positive and active running about, creating a community feel that could easily be the game’s biggest draw. Then of course, there are your standard features like guilds and PvP that round out the experience, each of which are fairly shallow but their inclusions are appreciated.

If you’re looking to have a good time with Angel Alliance, the key is to know what to expect going in. Players looking for a casual gaming experience with a good community and decent story will find plenty to keep themselves entertained in Kabam’s browser fantasy world. No deep understanding of lore is required and controls are straightforward enough for anyone to comprehend. To most though, the game will come off as simplistic, formulaic and ultimately forgettable. Hardcore gamers on the hunt for deep mechanics and engrossing adventure may be better suited elsewhere.

Intrigued or on the fence? Angel Alliance is free to play and is quick to jump into. If you feel like a fight alongside the angels could be for you, click the link below to jump right in. As always, make sure to keep to MMO ATK for all the latest F2P MMO and MMORPG news, videos and reviews!
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