Angel Alliance

Angel Alliance

Angel Alliance is the latest browser, turn-based strategy MMORPG from Kabam, set in a fantastical world with heroes, magic and of course, as the title states, Angels. The game is based on the classic good versus evil conflict where the players represent the forces of light, who must reclaim the world from the hands of evil forces. Players will choose between three classes (Warrior, Mage or Archer) and must travel the world, leveling up their character, their team and their angels to create an unstoppable battle troupe.

Angel Alliance is a game that largely unfolds with minimal player involvement. On screen prompts and auto-pathing make themselves readily available, which keeps the pace of the game moving briskly. This makes it an ideal adventure for casual gamers or those with limited time to devote. Point and click movement is also available for those looking to get more involved in exploring the game’s gorgeous painted environments.

Battles are fought independent of player actions through auto-attacks. Despite being classified as a turn-based strategy browser game, there is really little strategy involved, as each fight is boiled down to nothing more than the player’s Battle Rating: an accumulation of the player’s attack, defense, HP, team, etc. The team with the higher Battle Rating will win every time. Still, players determined to maximize their team’s power will find plenty of customization available to boost their rating. Rewards from battles are bountiful and will often give players significant amounts of experience, gold and loot.

Angel Alliance does offer an interesting training program to help you gain powers for your Angel, as well as mounts and group features. There’s also a PvP arena, so you can take everything you’ve gained and go up against your friends and enemies. There are a decent number of players, and everyone seems friendly enough to help you along your journey and offer a good amount of social interaction, which is a great reason to play. While not the most engaging browser MMORPG available, players looking for a fast-paced distraction and entertaining story will find good value in Angel Alliance.

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