ANNO Online

ANNO Online is not your typical ANNO game, so for fans of the serious, this may be a turn-off. But what Ubisoft and Blue Byte have created here is a pretty fun time-consuming browser game that will keep you entertained for hours. One thing you’ll immediately notice about this city-sim-builder is that it’s not like most of the MMORTS games out there, due mostly to the fact that there is no multiplayer combat. In fact, besides the global chat from players, that seem to usually be eager to help mind you, there is no contact needed with other players, and of course, no combat.

In ANNO Online you will start with a small settlement with a singular house. Throughout the game you will build larger houses, earn more income, build up resources by mining, cutting and milling and use that to then, construct larger communities. There’s a little more to it than that however, you will need to entertain your citizens and give them basic necessities. The game will start off rather easy, with plenty of quests to guide you along your way, but as the game progresses, it gets increasingly more complex. You’ll need to expand your city and juggle resources across multiple cities on different islands. Having to deal with ship transport, supply and demand and of course, the unhappy citizens.

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