Urban Survival Horror MMO Announced

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Phosphor Games and Nether Productions recently revealed
the first details and an official game play reveal video for their
upcoming urban survival horror MMORPG, Nether. Nether throws players
into a persistent game world filled with the difficult challenges of
daily survival following an apocalyptic event that has all but wiped out
mankind. The game is currently slated for release in the fall of this
year exclusively on PC.
Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games:

team has a strong and varied background that includes the creation of
post-apocalyptic titles, so we?re really excited about Nether. Our focus is to
veer away from some of the ?traditional? survival-horror offerings in
order to provide something new for the genre, with a great urban
setting, a different type of story and an experience that excites us as
fans and will be something definitely fresh and new for gamers.?

game is currently in alpha testing with an early-access program
planned for later this year. Players can head on over to the official website for additional details and to be notified of any updates or announcements.


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