Another Day, Another Auction House Exploit

The Diablo III community have only just begun to recover from a recent, economy-breaking exploit, but there’s more reports of unrest for another auction house feature in the open beta MMO, neverwinter Online. Over the course of the weekend several dedicated beta testers, who are actually doing what they’re meant to instead of just playing the game, reported a possible exploit that allowed people to practically create endless supplies of Astral Diamonds.

A detailed post on the official forums supplied more information as thousands of players were disappointed with the unscheduled server downtime. The staff took down the open beta servers immediately after they were informed of the bug, calling in every member of staff to tackle the issue head on.

The issue has now been resolved but limitations will be in place once the servers are live. The Auction House has been temporarily disabled and players won’t be able to use the Astral Diamond exchange until extensive QA testing has taken place.

The individuals responsible for using the exploit have been found and punished, with the perma-ban hammer in full swing. Sadly the servers have been rolled back and any progress made between the times of 5:20 AM and 12:20 PM Pacific has been lost.

How do you feel about rollbacks? Is losing a few hours of progression worth saving the in-game economy?

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