Turtle Rock Studios Working Alongside Perfect World Entertainment On New AAA Free-To-Play FPS

Turtle Rock Studios

Perfect World Entertainment, publishers of popular free-to-play titles such as Star Trek Online, today announced that they will be the publishing force behind a brand new free-to-play online FPS title from Turtle Rock Studios – the same team that brought us the incredible Left 4 Dead and not-so incredible Evolve. The new partnership will see … Read more

Gigantic Begins Open Beta On Windows 10 PC & Xbox One


Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga today announced the launch of the long-awaited Open Beta for the highly anticipated upcoming release of the free-to-play MOBA, Gigantic. The Open Beta is now available to download and play through the Windows Store for Windows 10 PC’s and via the Xbox Game Preview Program for Xbox One players – … Read more

Gigantic Developers Worked For Free During Financial Troubles At Motiga


Creating and funding a new game studio to create a new IP is no easy feat, something covered in a new video from Gigantic’s developers Motiga. The team are getting closer and closer to the eventual release of the colorful and vibrant entry into the competitive MOBA space but the journey has proven to be … Read more

Star Trek Online: Fleets Arrives On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that the highly anticipated Star Trek Online: Fleets update is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following a hugely successful running on the PC version of the free-to-play MMO. Star Trek Online released on consoles on September 6th 2016 and has since attracted over 1.1 … Read more

Upcoming Gigantic Closed Beta Dates Announced


Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga has just announced the next upcoming Closed Beta event for the online shooter MOBA hybrid, Gigantic, as they prepare to invite another wave of players later this month. The next Closed Beta event for Gigantic will be taking place later this month, October, and will run through a long weekend … Read more

Star Trek Online: Agents Of Yesterday Coming October 25th

Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment today revealed the next stage in the continued evolution of Star Trek Online with the announcement of a brand new update heading to the game on October 25th. Agents of Yesterday – Artifacts is a follow-on update from the games last expansion that will introduce a brand new episode … Read more

3D Prints Of Custom Starships Available For Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online players are now able to expand their interest in the game into the physical world as Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announce the beginning of a new partnership with a 3D printing company, Eucl3d, that will soon allow players to customize and print 3D models of the custom ships they use … Read more

Star Trek Online Now Available On Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are excited to announce that the hit free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online is now available to download and play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Staying true to the iconic Star Trek franchise Star Trek Online gives players the opportunity to command their own unique starship and experience encounters … Read more

Champions Online Celebrating 7th Anniversary

Champions Online

Perfect World Entertainment are today inviting all spandex wearing citizens of Champions Online to raise their glasses in celebration as the team release a flurry of exciting anniversary events as the game celebrates its 7th birthday. Beginning yesterday and running through until September 29th developers Perfect World Entertainment will be running a month-long event with … Read more

First Video Peek At Star Trek Online For Consoles

Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment today released an exciting new video offering players a developer commentary over the top of a sneak peek at Star Trek Online for consoles, including the huge array of content on offer such as the 11 seasons of updates and 130 episodes. PWE and Cryptic Studios mention in the trailer that they … Read more

Neverwinter Now Available To Play On PlayStation 4

Neverwinter Online

The world of Dungeons and Dragons today opened its doors to the huge playerbase of the PlayStation 4 as Perfect World Entertainment announce the long-awaited release of Neverwinter on Sony’s hottest platform. One of the few MMO games available on PlayStation 4 sees players with the opportunity to step into the lore filled world of … Read more

Star Wars Online Temporal Agent Starter Packs Giveaway

[keys id=136468]

To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online’s new expansion, Agents of Yesterday, we’re teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give away Temporal Agent Starter Packs. Each pack includes several items to help you create a brand-new Temporal Agent, including two temporal ships, torn uniforms from Star Trek: The Original Series, an 0718 Bridge Officer and the official title of “Temporal Agent.”

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
1) Install and launch the Arc client.
2) Select the Arc logo at the top left of the client.
3) Select “Redeem a Code” and enter the item code.
4) Enter the game and visit the C-Store.
5) Select the “Discount Pack” tab.
6) Select “Temporal Agent Starter Pack” and click “Claim” on the bottom right hand corner of the C-Store window.

*Please note that this item can only be redeemed by one character on a single account.
Offer expires December, 31, 2017.

[heading]What’s Included in the Giveaway[/heading]
Tier 1 USS Enterprise
A legendary 23rd century Starfleet vessel, the Constitution-class Cruiser regularly went where no one had gone before. A durable, versatile ship, it handled a variety of missions, including exploration, first contact, research, and system defense.
Tier 6 Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class
Drawing inspiration from the 23rd century Ranger-class, the Paladin-class Battlecruiser is very tactically focused. It features a potent weapons platform, and a number of sophisticated maneuver systems make the Paladin a remarkably agile vessel for its class.
TOS Torn Uniforms
The classic The Original Series Uniforms worn and torn from battle. This costume unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.
0718 Bridge Officer
Hailing from the Federation of the “Kelvin Timeline,” 0718 serves as an officer in Science Branch aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. A cyborg with a specialty in computer systems, 0718 was a member of the Enterprise crew as she began her five-year mission
Title: Temporal Agent
This title is exclusive to purchasers of the Temporal Agent Pack or Temporal Agent Starter Pack. It unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.

Free Rainbow Flight Available For Limited Period In City Of Heroes

City Of Heroes

Perfect World Entertainment today send out a reminder for all spandex-loving City of Heroes players as the free Rainbow Flight travel power promotion is nearing its final day as the event ends Monday, June 20th. If you’ve been looking for a way to inject a bit more color into your favorite hero designs, or maybe … Read more

Celebrating 5 Years In Style As Forsaken World Reaches Milestone

Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment today announced a flurry of exciting events as one of its leading free-to-play MMO games, Forsaken World, beings celebrations for its 5th year of service. During its 5 years Forsaken World has seen dozens of content updates, free expansions and regular events aimed at keeping the community immersed and engaged every step … Read more

Star Trek Online Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Star Trek Online

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced their plans to bring the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online to console platforms with an upcoming release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both versions are expected to launch sometime in Fall 2016 and will bring with it 6 years of content and updates … Read more

Forsaken World Welcomes Its 16th Expansion Awakening

Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment today launched the long awaited 16th expansion for Forsaken World with the debut of Awakening, a huge expansion that introduces an exciting array of brand new content to the game. Forsaken World Awakening introduces some of the most difficult battles and boss content the game has ever seen alongside a brand new … Read more