APB Reloaded – Celebrating 1 Year In Steam Top 5

Reloaded Games, the company behind the revival of the once dead All Points Bulletin, have just announced that APB Reloaded has enjoyed 365 days in the top 5 free-to-play MMO games section on Steam. Since joining Valve’s leading digital distribution platform in December of 2011 APB Reloaded has seen a huge surge in active player numbers and is currently considered as the most successful third-person shooter on Steam.

As of January 1st this year APB Reloaded occupied the fourth slot as the most popular free-to-play game offered on Steam, topping hugely popular titles such as Lord of the Rings Online, DC Universe Online and Star Trek Online.

?Being a visionary publisher usually means that everyone continually tells you that you won?t succeed, and the run-away global popularity of APB Reloaded is validation that we have found something very special in the free2play space,? said Reloaded Games? Chief Marketing Officer Rahul Sandil. ?Industry pundits decried our decision to secure the rights to All Points Bulletin and make the game free2play. Game critics and non-supporters doomed APB Reloaded to obscurity once we officially launched, yet here we are, a year later, with global sell-through of the retail version in Europe, licensed distribution in Brazil and Russia, and the game remains a top five most-popular downloaded game on Steam.?

The future is looking bright for APB Reloaded fans as Reloaded Games also announced details of the upcoming update, Settling the Score. The new features include overhauled District instancing and a new scoring system that aims to reward players with more balance in regards to arrests, kills and objectives.

There’s never a shortage of debate over the pay-to-win issues surrounding APB Reloaded, but you cannot deny the appeal of San Paro; with instant PvP and massive amounts of customization, it’s no surprise that APB Reloaded continues to dominate Steam charts.

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