TERA: Rising – Free-To-Play February 5th

At the beginning of January TERA developers released a new video and announcement with the exciting news that their action MMORPG will be changing to the free-to-play market in early 2013. Earlier today they released an exact date for this exciting transition, TERA: Rising will be launching as a free-to-play MMO game on February 5th.

TERA: Rising - Announcement Trailer

Once the free-to-play transfer is live players will be able to enjoy the game using 3 different playing models. Ranging from completely free to a subscription model, each package offers different incentives and benefits to the user.

Standard players will be able to enjoy everything TERA: Rising has to offer without any subscription. Two free character slots will be available on each server but more can be purchased through the new in-game store; alongside consumables and convenience items.

The Founder package will be gifted to all current subscribers starting on February 5th. Current subscribers will enjoy additional character slots and bank spaces, as well as a unique mount. Founder status is permanent so previously subscribed players can enjoy these benefits whether they choose to transfer to the Standard or Elite packages.

The Elite package is a 30-day subscription based service that rewards users with numerous benefits such as extra dungeon bonuses and rewards, extra daily quests and free items from the in-game store.

Many have already said that the transfer to free-to-play is the final nail in the coffin for TERA; a game that relies on large-scale population to support its unique political and PvP features. Will the surge of free-to-play players revive this struggling MMO game or is TERA on its final legs?

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