APB: Reloaded Introducing Chaos Mode

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

The already chaotic online action game APB: Reloaded, has just gotten way more crazy. Between now and June 6 the game will be testing the early stages of its new prototype ? Chaos Mode.

Players won?t see focus on the car chases and teamwork that?s usually offered in this free MMO. Instead, success will be all about the amount of carnage you create in Chaos Mode. Normal factions have been replaced with Shadow Strike Elites and Bloodrose Assasins, which sound all too fitting. Stat counters will track each players score and survival time. Hunting down more members of an opposite faction will lead to higher scores. High scores are perpetual in this MMO universe too, so you can expect your accomplishments to stay intact even after logging off for the day.

In game prizes are to be awarded for record setting achievements. Two brand new titles are available for your character. One prize will be awarded by killing 100 players during the event. Another is gifted to players who survive longer than 10 minutes, which seems much harder than the former with so much emphasis on violence. Achieving a certain amount of points per life will also provide players with significant content bonuses.

Chaos Mode is a work in progress and doesn?t contain the many social features or game elements from already completed portions of APB: Reloaded. The action packed experience is definitely ready to be given a try though, so make sure to check it out during the trial run.

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