Pockie Pirates – Big Changes For One Piece MMORPG

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Big changes are being introduced to the One Piece inspired MMO, Pockie Pirates. An announcement made by leading online games publisher NGames, has just detailed the MMOs new SSS rank and crew upgrade system.

With the latest Chapter 9 update coming in June, Pockie Pirates is ready to make super gameplay way more super. Instead of pursuing the long desired SS rank like in the past, players will now be able to master the One Piece MMO on an entirely greater level with the newly introduced SSS rank. This is where the Luffys of the world will set themselves apart from typically successful pirates. Achieving the coveted SSS rank will grant 15% increases to many core stats like Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution.

By utilizing the games new crew upgrade system, already successful players can also unlock greater skills for their character. This will ultimately add to the character?s overall potential and growth as a master pirate. The crew upgrade system will provide tons of level 60+ characters with attribute boosts, but it?s up to them to master using those skills. No matter what your outcome may be, the race to become the King of Pirates just got taken to a whole new level.

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