April’s Looking Fantastic For Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet today announced a myriad of changes heading towards Guild Wars 2 this April, highlight by the first of many scheduled info-bursts. The update marks the first for Guild Wars 2 in which the focus is exclusively on bringing new content and updates to in-game features and mechanics. They’re calling it the April 2014 Feature Pack and plan on releasing regular developer videos, blog posts and screenshots in the build up to the April 15th release.

To kick start the campaign ArenaNet have published a new blog post focusing on the first element of the upcoming update, the in-game trait system. Traits will be seeing a huge overhaul come April 15th thanks to the addition of 40 brand new traits, a streamlined user-interface and new horizontal progression opportunities for players.

The developers also opened a new area of the Guild Wars 2 website designed to inform the community of the upcoming changes. The first post is now live and contains additional details on the trait improvements and changes.

Source: Press Release

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