Arcane Legends – Holiday Content… And Much Much More!

There is an entire list of games that are releasing both permanent and
temporary bonus content throughout the holiday season. Spacetime Studios most
recent release, Arcane Legends, has
recently joined that list. The 3D MMORPG for the Android and iOS will not only
be getting a temporary holiday makeover, but it will also include permanent
changes that are sure to improve overall gameplay for both new and returning
fans alike.

The update titled ? Winter Wonderland, brings a wonderful seasonal twist to game
content. The most highlighted detail is the festival called ?The old Jul
festival?, where people will dress up as the different giants that were
historically defeated in the games past storyline. The event may be purely for
aesthetic reasons, but that doesn?t mean you should overlook all holiday
content. Along with seasonal quests complete and loots to collect, gamers
should be keeping their eyes peeled for a holiday goblin. If defeated fast
enough, the goblin will reward players with rare once in a lifetime Winter
Wonderland gear.

Holiday bonuses aside, the biggest gift comes to the fans already enjoying
the MMORPG. The most important change to account for in Arcane Legends is an increased level cap, allowing fans to extend
gameplay to level 21; five more than previously allowed. Included with the
character improvements are the five new dungeons and new loot; a tremendous
bonus for players that had previously thought they exhausted every option the
game had to offer. New weapon types have even been added to support each class,
such as the sword and shield for a Warriors and a bow for Rogues.

There will also be a multitude of minor changes that are sure to have major effects
on each gaming experience. Passive & active skills have been added to the
game to augment each class in their own unique directions. The Rogue for
example was granted a skill called Shadow Storm Shot. This skill is just one of
many new techniques that will ultimately allow players to complete the game?s
newly added achievements and quests easier. Don?t forget about the new pets,
one of which is Snowball, a snowman that?s only available through the holidays.

Make sure to get involved with these wonderful
holiday experiences while you still can. After all, there are clearly going to
be plenty of other things in Arcane
keeping gamers occupied when the holidays are over.

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