Archlord Expansion Free Item Giveaway

[keys id=129156]To celebrate Archlord New Expansion Update: The Dark Revelation, we have teamed up with Webzen to give out Archlord Expansion Free Item gift keys. Just grasp a key and redeem the code! You will simply get the New Expansion Weapon which hasn?t been revealed and Inventory Extension Cash Item. Aside from Archlord Expansion Free Item Giveaway, players can have a chance to experience 4th battle zone, ?Shrine? and advanced user interface as well as skill re-balance.

Promotion Period

September 25 ~ October 23 (GST)

Item Giveaway Includes:

– New Expansion Weapon <14 Days>

– Inventory Extension Cash Item <14 Days>

How to redeem your key:

1. Visit Free Item Giveaway Promotion page.

2. Login in to the website, redeem Item Giveaway Code on promotion page and enter your Item Giveaway Code number, then click ?Confirm?.

** If you are new on, please create new account.

3. Wait until your input key digit numbers is verified, then click ?Apply?.

4. After you have activated the Item Giveaway Code, go to Live Archlord.

5. Visit Event NPC and then click ?Item Giveaway Reward?


*Item will be provided once a week after weekly system maintenance for those who registered Item Giveaway Code. Detailed information is on the official Archlord website.*

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