Arctic Combat – New Content For New Year

WEBZEN Inc. has just announced that some brand new content will be coming to their recently launched MMOFPS game, Arctic Combat.  The content will be available beginning January 3rd, which happens to be today.  Players will look forward to a brand new map, a new game mode, new skills and an array of new weaponry.

The new map is called the Repair Yard.  The US led Allied Forces are on a mission to recapture the strong points and military facilities constructed by the Russian-based Star Alliance.  Oh, did I mention the map takes place in the mountains of Canada, GO CANADA!  Anyways, there will also be a new game mode called “demolition”.  It can easily be described as a combination of Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch.  In Demolition each team must play offense and defense as they fight to obtain a single bomb and plant it on the other side of the map.  

The new skill is called “Quick Reload” and it is a passive skill.  Players will be able to reload their magazine at a faster clip, which in terms means you can kill people at a faster clip.  Sounds good to me.  

Arctic Combat can be downloaded at WEBZEN’s Global Service Portal or using Steam. 

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