Legends of Chima – Going Free to Play MMO

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has announced today that they will be releasing three video games for Legends of Chima. They will be releasing this year for a variety of platforms which will allow for a great span over the genres of gaming. 

Legends of Chima is a brand new fantasy world inhabited by magical animal races. According to Warner Bros., the various bits of multimedia for the property tell ?the classic story of good and evil, friendship and family.? 

?We are doing something innovative with LEGO Legends of Chima by making three distinct video game experiences on a variety of platforms,? said Samantha Ryan, Senior VP of Production and Development for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. ?By creating multiple LEGO video game experiences for one brand, we are catering to today?s diverse gaming community, as well as establishing a rewards system for players of all three games.? 

First up is LEGO Legends of Chima: Speedorbz, a racing game available later today on LEGO.com and tomorrow on iOS. Next up is LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval?s Journey, an adventure game headed to the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita this summer and the Nintendo DS this fall. Finally, there?s LEGO Legends of Chima Online, the free-to-play online MMO set to hit PC sometime this year.  

Once players get into the first two games, they can earn rewards points that can be store in the “Chima vault” which will be set up through your profile on LEGO’s website. If a player plays the first two games, it will give them the ability to earn exclusive rewards in the Legends of Chima Online MMORPG. 

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