Arctic Combat – Ready For Official Launch

WEBZEN Inc. today announces the official launch of their online FPS (first-person shooter) game, Arctic Combat. The game will be accessible via the WEBZEN Global Portal or on you can find it on Steam. This free-to-play, military shooter will challenge player?s skills as it takes them around the globe, from frozen wastelands to close-quarter urban environments, all using realistic weaponry and a robust perks system to customize their character.

In Arctic Combat, players enter a tumultuous future. The world is in turmoil. Skirmishes are flaring up around the globe. In this new skill-based, military shooter, players join either the U.S.-led Allied Forces or the Russian-backed Star Alliance in what started as a hot conflict over natural resources in the arctic territory ? and has boiled over into World War III. With the official launch of Arctic Combat, WEBZEN has added new content to the game, including a new Rocket Only sub-mode, where the only weapon allowed is a Rocket Launcher, and a new map, ?Big Bang,? which is available exclusively for this new mode. Arctic Combat soldiers now have additional new ways to customize their favorite weapons, by modifying them with desert paint and Eotech holographic scopes. With today?s launch, Arctic Combat veterans can compete for bragging rights via the Country Ranking system, which showcases a combatant?s rank and stats at the official site.

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