Do You Browse Through Steam Greenlight – MMOpinion

Steam is one of the most popular places for gamers like us to get the games we love.  It’s all neatly organized, easy to use, and has tons of games.  With such a huge community of gamers using Steam, it’s no wonder it’s a popular place for Indie developers to put their games out there, so they can be played.  And that’s where Steam Greenlight comes in.  With Greenlight, developers are able to put their games up for the voting community and hopefully get enough traction to have their game featured on Steam.  And of course with that comes millions of players that are ready and able to play your game.

As of this writing there have been 11 games fully released from the Greelight program, and 33 games currently Greenlit, which means the developers just need to work with Valve in order to get the full version of the game out there.

So i’m just curious if you have browsed through Steam Greenlight before?  Have you voted on any games?  Have they made it to full release on Steam yet?  Are you hoping for the greenlight on any games currently being rated?

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