ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces Procedurally Generated Maps

Studio Wildcard continue to drive ARK: Survival Evolved in a positive direction with another huge content update that introduces a number of highly anticipated features including the debut of brand new dinosaurs and the long awaited procedurally generated maps. ARK: Survival Evolved already boasts a huge geographical landscape but today’s update allows for even more places to explore with custom options available for players including landscape height, valleys, lakes, rivers, ocean density, biomes and more.

To celebrate the release Studio Wildcard have announced a sales event for the recently released expansion, ARK: Scorched Earth. Regularly priced at $19.99 the sale will give players the opportunity to pick up the DLC for $14.99.

Brand new dinosaurs also join the roster as Kaprosuchus, Chalicotherium and Diplocaulus all make their debuts (I can’t help you with the pronunciation of any of those).


  • New Feature: Procedurally Generated ARKs! Generate your very own totally unique, customized or randomized world!
  • New Dinos: Kaprosuchus Paludentium, Diplodocus Insulaprincep, and Chalicotherium Obsideoquus
  • You can now directly wield your weapons when mount-riding smaller Dinos!
  • Explorer Notes
  • Tree Platforms now have +70% HP and +50% resistance to explosive damage
  • Neuter/Spay Option for Tamed Dinos (irreversible!)


Source: Press Release

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