ARK: Survival Evolved Officials Decision Under Question, Bonus Round Announced

Last weekends Last Stand Tournament for ARK: Survival Evolved was widely considered a success but during the event one referee made a call that has since gone under scrutiny, and as such it was determined that the contestants will be invited to return for a special bonus round.

In the announcement the team also went over the new Championship prize pool for the bonus round, once again including an impressive number of cash prizes.

  • First Place Winning Tribe receives: $12,000 (split among Winning Tribe)
  • Second Place Winning Tribe receives: $6,000 (split among Winning Tribe)
  • Third Place Winning Tribe receives: $2,400 (split among Winning Tribe)
  • All three Winning Tribes will receive an in-game ‘Last Stand Bonus Round’ Gold/ Silver/Bronze Trophy Structure Skin, customized with their Tribe details


The questionable call, a misunderstanding more than anything else, saw a GM get involved in a situation where a single player had seemed to find a glitch that hid them from view and made them immune to damage. The latter proved not to be true but the GM acted on the report anyway, resulting in the decision coming under investigation following the event.

Source: Press Release

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