Army Rage – Defunct

Army Rage is a 3D World War 2 themed MMOFPS game that allows players to compete with others in realistic battlefield environments. The game is set during one of the most deadly conflicts in the history of the world, WWII.  As a soldier, you are divided into teams to fight for their alliances. Army Rage is a fast-paced shooter that features four playable classes that are switchable in between re-spawns. Join the Axis or Allies and prepare for bloody war!

Set in 1939?s World War II, players become skilled soldiers fighting on the American based Alliance or German Reich. Choose between four playable classes: Assault, Scout, Support, Engineer, and participate in intense Team Death Matches with up to 24 players on the battlefield. Perform assist or direct kills for XP and earn coins to buy various weapons during the game. You are able to equip your hero with an assortment of artillery and gear for an advantage during battles.

Toss grenades for explosive attacks or make precise shots using SVT40 Sniper. Soldiers also have the option of riding in authentic looking Sherman tanks while blasting away at enemies on the battlefield. Join fast paced Death Matches to the complex King of the Hill game mode to test your skills as an officer. Earn kill points and enough assists to move up the ranks from rookie to a highly respected general in this fun free-to-play first person shooter.

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