Grand Theft Auto V to launch this October, according to Rockstar employee’s LinkedIn profile

This isn’t the first time a game developer’s LinkedIn profile has sparked rumors in the industry, and it won’t be the last time.

The current controversy was caused by character animator Alex O’Dwyer at Edinburgh-based Rockstar North. According to his LinkedIn profile, and the since-removed CV he uploaded to it, Grand Theft Auto V is due to ship in October of this year. But as quick as O’Dwyer thought he was in removing the resume, he was not able to pull it before Joystiq was able to snag a screenshot, shown below.

While this is by no means a guarantee, the haste with which O’Dwyer removed his resume from public view does raise suspicions.

Evidently Joystiq has reached out to Rockstar for comment and received no reply yet.

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