Ask Reina, Weekly Loot Winner!

So last week in the Weekly Loot Reina requested that you ask her a question. ?Any question at all! ?She had the tough choice of choosing her favorite question, and announcing them the winner. ?So without further ado…

Congratulations to Hammerstix who has won last week’s Weekly Loot! ?Reina loved the question mostly because she could answer with Pokemon!

Here’s the question below:

And Reina’s answer:

The Perfect MMO? would have to be a pokemon MMO.??I?ve thought about this before; Pokemon has endless possibilities with an MMO gameplay.??Think about all the regions that exist? from first generation to the fifth.??They even provide you with Maps, lol.??And all the NPC?s would be fellow players that you can interact with? And imagine how awesome it would be to cross an ocean to get to the other regions; all the things you can encounter, (like Pokemon, mini-bosses, event obstacles, ships!)??en route.?Safari Zones, Gym Leaders, battling with random other players? The recognition and nostalgia alone would have it stand out like crazy.

It?s hard to conceptualize what I would do to the game because I?m a simple gamer; an interactive spectator, if you will.??I enjoy discovering and learning and playing games, not so much idealizing how I would make one.??REVISING a game is different, in retrospect I?m sure I can think of a few elements that could tweak a game to its? benefit, but I find it REALLY hard to conceive how I would build an MMO.

Reina will be creating a video response to this and a few more of her favorite questions later in the week, so make sure to stay tuned for that video!

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