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After the great god, Pan Gu, cleansed the world of corruption, what remained was a perfect world. He then left the world to its own devices. However the evil came back in the form of Wraiths which wanted to destroy the races that populated the world and to destroy the beauty of the land around them. Become a mighty warrior and fight this evil in all its forms to restore the world back to its perfect state.


Battling is standard for MMO’s. Run toward the enemy, hit a key bound to your skill bar, watch the enemy die. Nothing new here. However the skills are original and clever.

Classes depend on what race you are and sometimes what gender. The Earthguard can be either seekers or mystics. The Winged Elves can be either archers or clerics. Humans can be blademasters or wizards. Tideborn can be assassins or psychics. The Untamed can be barbarians (male) or venomancers (female). Each class has unique skills, armour, weapons and looks. The classes generally follow the regular types; tanks, physical dps, magical dps, healers and support but they are very flexible in regards to customisation due to the skill tree branches and allotted stats.

The main storyline follows a set of quests called the Spiritual Cultivation. This quest set unlocks skills and new areas. There are hundreds of other quests, some with whole storylines of their own, others are one-shot quests.

Perfect World has multitudes of dungeons. Each 10-ish levels unlocks another dungeon. There are also other side dungeons in which unique campaigns can be done.

The main world map is huge and varied from jungles, to deserts to the seaside and everything in between. There are also other sections of Perfect World that are not on the world map but must be teleported into, making the game even bigger. You can explore many large cities, for example the City of the Plume in which Winged Elves reside in treehouses, or Archosaur, a bustling metropolis which serves as the centre of commerce in Perfect World.

There are exciting events in Perfect World such as Assault on Achosaur in which you battle monsters just outside the city walls to protect Duke Blacke from their fury. Or the Celestial Tiger event where you battle tiger minions, the Heavenly Tiger and the Demonic Tiger.

The biggest event in Perfect World is the territory war. The world map is divided into territories and alliances fight with each other to control those sections. The battleground is an instance in which the two armies are at opposing ends and must make their way toward the other side, battling catapults and towers as well as other players.

There are plenty of additional features in Perfect World, such as the Cube of Fate in which players teleport from room to room facing challenges such as bosses, exploding floor traps and time trials.

Fashion is a hobby in Perfect World. People strive to create unique outfits and there are plenty of styles to mix and match and even dye to make a character that looks like no other. Styles are added frequently and are always fun and funky.

Everything can be crafted in Perfect World. Weapons, armour, accessories, potions and runes can all be made from materials found throughout the world, some harder to find than others. Crafting can get costly however especially as you have to level up your crafting skills. It is best to specialise in one aspect of crafting and ask friends to make whatever you cant.

Mounts are common in this game, both ground and flying types. Each looks unique and some can be dyed. Different mounts have different speeds, some faster than others. There are also pets on the game. Venomancer and mystic pets are used to attack with but there are also other passive pets that follow you around, like cute kittens, frogs, butterflies and with the introduction of the genesis patch, skeletal dinosaurs. Each player also gets a genie which have their own skills to help out the player.

Other significant features include world bosses, marriage and bounties.

So if you like visual eye candy with plenty of quests, I would recommend this game to you with a warning that it may become a little stale at later levels.
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