Assassin’s Creed III collector’s edition

Italian online retailer may have leaked some details about a special collector?s?edition for upcoming Ubisoft title?Assassin?s Creed III. has since pulled the images, but not before users of managed to?snag a screenshot of the promotional image. The box art showing the Playstation 3 collector?s?edition of the game, shows what is called the ?Join Or Die? Edition, which appears to include a?notebook and necklace, as well as being tagged as having extra downloadable content. The?image has mentioned in Italian that the promotional shot is not final, so it is possible that this?was a promotional image for an upcoming bundle. This may also explain why the necklace?in the image appears to be a 3D rendered object, rather than a real necklace, as has been?speculated around the web.

Considering that the availability of a special edition steelbook has been available in North?America for quite some time now for early pre-orders, it is not far to speculate that a special?edition offering more than a novelty case will be available. At this time, no further information?has been officially released by Ubisoft on the contents of a collector?s edition for Assassin?s?Creed III.

Assassin?s?Creed III?is currently slated for release on October 31st this year on Playstation 3?and Xbox 360.

assassins creed iii collectors edition

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